The LeadPoint Team

Lead Point offers effective strategies and professional consulting for Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, from which our customers of numerous branches benefit sustainably

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Markets are changing. We change with them.

Since more than 6 years Prospera Consult GmbH is your competent partner in Switzerland, when it comes to entry strategies into new markets and customer acquisition. Anyone wanting to be successful in this, must know how to generate leads and attract customers. Through the digital transformation it is no longer the seller playing an active role in the buying process - it is the (potential) client himself.

This is the point where Inbound Marketing comes into the game: The basis for successful Inbound Marketing is Content Marketing. High-quality content direct prospects to the desired product or the desired service. Content and Inbound Marketing make sure that your company is found by exactly the target group that finds your offer helpful. This way you increase your traffic in a natural way - the traffic that actually benefits your business. At the same time you increase the sales of your company. 

The importance of Inbound Marketing is set to increase in the future, this due to the change in consumer behavior. LeadPoint is designed as an independent unit of Prospera Consult GmbH to specifically address this challenge. As a customer you benefit from the expertise of our internationally experienced experts and get exactly the customized Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation strategy that suits you. 

In the process, you will learn your potential customers better and better. Our Inbound Marketing consultancy helps you to understand their needs and to describe them in detail. To respond to the interests of your clients, you use all the channels that are also used by your customers.

A whole range of practical tools help you that all your Inbound Marketing activities are perfectly integrated. LeadPoint shows you what really helps you to get more business success as you gain new customers - and bind them to your company. Prospects become clients and clients becom promoters.

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